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Montgomery-based Sherlock, Smith & Adams was established in 1946 and has flourished for nearly a century as an architecture and
Situated on the shores of Wheeler Lake is Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville in north Alabama where visitors enjoy
Trussville is one of Alabama’s fastest growing cities and is known as the “Gateway of Happy Living.” An apt nickname
A museum in Florence designed around an ancient Indian mound believed to be 2,000 years old has received the AIA’s
Cohen Carnaggio Reynolds, recently completed The Stockyard at Railroad Park as an office space for Shannon Waltchak and Scout Branding.
Advancement in the design arts requires not only creativity, skill and determination but also money. So, the Alabama State Council
The newly opened Cahaba River Walk, designed by Nimrod Long and Associates of Birmingham, connects the surrounding neighborhoods of Mountain
Alabama is known for many things – from college football to the birthplace of the civil rights movement. Its abundance
Downtown Birmingham has a large inventory of older industrial buildings, thanks in large part to benign neglect. Many of these
  Like other design disciplines, industrial design can help develop and define a community. A dynamic example is “Linear Motion,”
“The optimist in me thinks that design is getting more integrated, more competitive and more imperative,” observes Bobby Martin Jr.,
Few towns can claim such strong community identity as Monroeville, where celebrated writers Truman Capote and Harper Lee grew up
Two teams of University of Alabama mechanical engineering students spent their senior year designing prototypes for tools that NASA anticipates
Vulcan – the 50-ton statue of the Roman god of fire and metals – has overlooked Birmingham from atop Red
Being in the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Area gives Helena the best of both worlds, the ease and joy of small town
Like most communities, Huntsville has many streets that were designed solely for automobiles. So, with the help of a Smart
Huntsville is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the United States Army Aviation & Missile Command at Redstone
A little doodle here, a little color there, and voila! – the perfect logo takes form. If only it were
Old warehouses often get reused after defunct industries leave them sitting empty. Such transformations have happened for decades in downtown
Dauphin Island has a lot going for it. Postcard perfect beaches and sunsets. World-class birding and fishing. What it lacks
Plans are under way to turn the historic Continental Eagle Corporation’s five cotton gin buildings in downtown Prattville into a
Montgomery is known as the birthplace of the civil rights movement. So, it’s fitting that the Equal Justice Initiative –
Transitioning from high school to college can be daunting, so it’s important that incoming freshmen inhabit inviting dormitories. Connectedness is
Alabama’s only public liberal arts college – the University of Montevallo – is getting a new arts center which the
When Harold’s Furniture store recently closed after 50 years, many prospective buyers looked at the early masonry building on Second
Selma is embarking on a plan to honor its past and embrace its future with the help of DesignPlace. This
A plan was recently approved to steer the growth of a high-traffic corridor and major gateway into Alabaster -- the
A nondescript warehouse with no windows in Irondale has been transformed into an inviting and highly functional work environment offering
The City of Dothan unwittingly chose Jan. 16 for its first meeting to get input from residents about improving the
  A Birmingham studio specializing in the art of letterpress printing combines centuries-old letterpress techniques with today’s digital technology. Letterpress
North College Street Historic District in downtown Auburn is a trove of architecturally and historically significant buildings that date from
"Architects are late bloomers,” writes architect and urban designer Matthew Frederick in his book, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture
Transforming a derelict piece of land into a place that everyone can enjoy is what good urban planning is all
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The American Institute of Architects, Birmingham Chapter (AIA Birmingham), is pleased to announce the winners of the
An old cotton gin in Birmingham’s Avondale district is now the site of Cahaba Brewing Company’s new production facility and
Video is a proven way to get a message across, to capture and hold the viewers’ attention. This makes video
Think about how graphic design is used, and what likely comes to mind is marketing and advertising, websites and logos,
A short drive north of Alabama’s premier vacation destination – Gulf Shores/Orange Beach – is Summerdale, a community that provides
Art in the street makes people happy. This simple sentence expresses the essence of murals, a special type of street
Birmingham planners and developers have long understood that parks improve the quality of inner-city life. As a result, the city
Few objects are more functional than a table, yet bDot Architecture in Birmingham has designed one that takes the functionality
Never underestimate the attraction of a public market. Crowds at the fish market in downtown Seattle’s Pike Place love a
Precision medicine is an emerging approach to disease treatment and prevention that focuses on individual variability in genes, environment and
Your vacation bucket list likely includes exotic far-off destinations. Add one more to your list, one that’s right here in
Though different disciplines, urban planning/design and economic development are inherently related as both prioritize shaping the livability and prosperity of
Architects are reevaluating the way they create modern learning spaces, putting the student experience at the forefront of design. So
Three development teams have begun joint work on a $100 million mixed-use development just south of downtown Huntsville. Located on
Alabama boasts many distinctive towns that radiate a special quality and identity. One that tops the list is Tuscumbia, part
Solving one problem often leads to solving another. That’s how a plan came about to improve one of Alabama’s oldest
Repurposing existing buildings is the ultimate in sustainable architecture and adaptive reuse projects abound in Alabama. Born out of this
Craig King and wife Cindy were looking to purchase a new building for the family’s 100-year-old business, J. P. King
It took creative problem solving and imaginative design to convert a dermatology practice into Brick & Tin, a popular neighborhood
Having essential services grouped together is a hallmark of a livable community. An area in Cahaba Heights will soon have
One of the first neighborhoods in Birmingham where African Americans were allowed to own property is getting a new lease
Tiny houses have been all the rage for some time. There’s even a TV show called “Tiny House Nation” about
  NAPC FORUM is the only national conference focused on issues facing local historic preservation commissions. Whether it's mitigating the
Old buildings are like people, they adapt to change and weather the bad times with the good. Among downtown Birmingham’s
As Gadsden’s riverfront development continues to improve and grow, it’s bringing “extraordinary opportunities” to the city, Mayor Sherman Guyton has
As the third largest municipality in Morgan County, Priceville is part of the Decatur Metropolitan Area and the Huntsville-Decatur Combined
Alabama is getting more colorful these days, thanks to efforts to create murals that enliven communities and contribute to their
In this program DesignAlabama Executive Director Gina Clifford talks to Cathy Gerachis DesignAlabama board member, Cheryl Morgan retired professor of
First impressions apply to both human interaction and building design, and the Birmingham Zoo’s new Arrival Experience and Welcome Plaza
It’s fitting that Alabama’s only statewide private economic development organization relocated its headquarters to the center of downtown Birmingham, an
Brainstorming ideas and generating solutions is what DesignPlace is all about. DesignPlace, DesignAlabama’s local design and planning initiative, released its
Now underway is the South Montgomery Community Plan whose purpose is to document South Montgomery’s vision for its future and
Mayor Joseph P. Riley of Charleston, South Carolina, and the National Endowment for the Arts have had a long and
It’s no secret that a thoughtfully designed university campus can go a long way to motivate students to reach their
Property buyers and renters are increasingly attracted to downtown living with its proximity to work and access to amenities. Lakeview
Across America, vacant buildings are being converted into craft breweries and Alabama is no exception. Two such projects are under
Plans are moving forward to upgrade the infrastructure of downtown Oxford, located in Calhoun and Talladega counties in the foothills
In the mood for a Parisian experience? No need to grab your passport and book a flight to France. Two
Each spring, the Alabama League of Municipalities (ALM) hosts its Annual Convention and Expo providing timely general and concurrent sessions,
Opportunities to enjoy the Alabama outdoors just keep getting better and better. Plans are under way to connect three north
The city of Cordova was hard hit by the series of tornadoes that tore through parts of Alabama in 2011.
A master plan for Tuskegee University is being designed to address the overall organization of campus functions, create a more
The Gulf, a new restaurant/bar overlooking the Perdido Bay inlet at Orange Beach, has a decidedly kicked-back look. Incorporated into
DesignAlabama is continually looking for ways to improve communities statewide and enhance quality of life. DesignDash – its latest program
For decades in downtown Birmingham, forward-thinking property owners and designers have found new uses for abandoned buildings. Among the latest
Camp Winnataska – a nonprofit, faith-based summer camp east of Birmingham in St. Clair County – has been providing boys
As America was emerging from the Great Depression, Greyhound Lines Inc. hired an architect able to express in his building
Pratt City, part of the greater Birmingham area, was among the many communities devastated by the April 2011 “super outbreak”
Breathing new life into old buildings has long taken place in Alabama. Cotton mills in Huntsville have found new purpose,
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Chairman Jane Chu announced 69 Our Town awards totaling almost $5 million through the
Mobile County has a new 31,000-square-foot Emergency Operations Center designed by TAG/The Architects Group, Inc. to meet the needs of
Located three miles north of downtown Mobile, Africatown has always held historical significance since it was formed by a group
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The American Institute of Architects, Birmingham Chapter (AIA Birmingham), is pleased to announce that the winner of
Just a 20-minute drive north of Birmingham is an oasis far removed from the urban landscape. A place that’s home
In her article “Why Should We Care About Street Art?” travel writer Ginny Copestake observes how street art “unlike drawings,
For 200 years, Alabama’s design arts have masterfully blended utility, place and craft. To showcase this rich history, the Design200
A few years ago, CNN declared: “Warehouse conversions are sweeping the globe.” This adaptive reuse strategy began in Birmingham long
The Civilian Conservation Corps work relief program offered millions of jobs on environmental projects during the Great Depression and was
  Birmingham’s public transportation has been upgraded with the opening of the new Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority intermodal station. Amtrak,
When thinking about historic Mobile homes, antebellum mansions likely come to mind. Those multi-story Greek Revival structures with massive columns,
The Cahaba River is Alabama’s longest free-flowing river and one of the most biodiverse waterways on Earth with more species
Small towns across Alabama are reinventing themselves and it’s happening with zeal in Camden, located in the Black Belt region
Quite literally, alleys have long taken a backseat to other parts of town. These often-underused narrow spaces between and behind
When the John Hand Building opened in 1912, the ornate 20-story building was the tallest in downtown Birmingham until the
Ground has broken on the site of a 57,000-square-foot natural science museum, designed by Huntsville-based Fuqua & Partners Architects. The
The City of Montgomery recently hired the firm of Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood to assist as the city begins to
Tucked in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Sylacauga is Pursell Farms, a sprawling 3,200-acre resort that offers sweeping
Everything and everyone need sprucing up now and then. Even Birmingham’s Innovation Depot, which was recently treated – metaphorically speaking
Gas stations were part of the automobile’s golden age and are one of America’s most ubiquitous commercial building types. Today,
A majestic Romanesque Revival building that served as Dothan’s main grammar school from the turn of the 20th century to
The firing at Fort Sumter was still 14 years away when the Grand Hotel in Point Clear was constructed in
A well-designed office space motivates employees and conveys the appropriate image to clients and customers – key ingredients to help
For a coastal community, public beachfront is among its most valuable assets in terms of community identity and economic activity.
Across America during the first half of the 20th century, S.H. Kress & Co. opened department stores that were grand
Parks have long been recognized as a primary contributor to the quality of life in a community. From tiny pocket
Efforts to revitalize downtown Birmingham have sparked a boom in residential and commercial construction and renovations. The latest transformation is
An interior space can be dramatic with bold lines and oversized graphics, or tranquil and soothing with a neutral color
While it’s not every day that architecture students get global recognition for their work, that’s what happened with four students
Another Birmingham industrial building is transformed into a functional space that’s part of the history of the city, offering an
Kennebec is a new residential community on Lake Martin offering idyllic waterfront homesites. Buyers are also offered the opportunity to
Eco awareness isn’t just a passing trend in the fashion industry — it’s a full-blown movement. Nobody would know that
Plans are underway to improve the quality of life in Auburn, thanks to the creation of the Auburn Parks, Recreation
Birmingham-based Krebs Engineering was recently recognized for helping the city of Albertville develop a cost-effective, long-term solution to control solids
First came the artist atelier in mid-19th century Paris. Then SoHo’s Cast Iron District in the 1950s-70s. In 2021, loft
In “You Can’t Go Home Again,” novelist Thomas Wolfe’s protagonist finds that too much has changed in his hometown and
Quality design affects quality of health, particularly for patients battling cancer. Architect Doug McCurry of TRO Jung|Brannen in Birmingham considered
This is not your father’s middle school or yours for that matter, to co-opt the 1989 Oldsmobile commercial. The new
A mixed-use development named after its address – 127 Holmes – is being planned in one of downtown Huntsville’s premier
DesignAlabama has started a new program and the City of Opelika is its first participating city. Experts associated with DesignAlabama
The Welcome Center is the newest addition to the Children’s Harbor campus along Lake Martin near Alexander City. Designed by
Montgomery’s Cypress Nature Park is truly a treasure hidden in plain sight. Very few people are even aware that just
  Landscape architecture encourages people to get out – to walk, to recreate, to dine outdoors, enjoy an outdoor concert,
“Decent housing is not just a wish, it is a human right,” says former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who believes
Ways to make improvements to the Twin Beech/Houstonville community near Fairhope, which predates the city itself, was addressed at a
Entertainment venues that offer food, drink and games under one roof – a concept that has caught on in cities
Trails have long been part of America’s landscape and no longer limited to forests, mountains and prairies. Montgomery joins the
It is virtually impossible to separate architecture from community. Architecture and the result of its application through design and construction
The city of Athens had three objectives for a recreation center: have a distinct civic identity, promote a sense of
Converting an older building into a restaurant can make dining out more memorable. According to Food Fanatics magazine, “Nothing makes
Called the “Crossroads of North Alabama,” Priceville is expected to double in size within the next five years. In keeping
Ballparks are where people go to enjoy spectator sports, but at Regions Field in Birmingham an attraction has been designed
Orange Beach is set to become an even nicer spot to relax and soak up the sun. Thanks to a
Long gone are the days of shuffling through drawer after drawer of card catalogs and getting eyestrain from staring too
Work has begun to create an inviting and walkable environment in Trussville’s downtown area that will transform it into a
"If you build it, they will come," says Kevin Costner's character in “Field of Dreams.” Indeed they came when ArchitectureWorks
The former BEBCO (Birmingham Electric Battery Company) building on Second Avenue and 22nd Street South is being redeveloped into a
What’s not to love about baseball? The ball parks, the home runs, the cheers and hot dogs that somehow taste
While Auburn is certainly best known as a university town, it’s becoming increasingly recognized for its cultural offerings. The Auburn
André Holland has gained considerable success as an actor, including a significant role in Moonlight, the 2017 Academy Award for
A new brewery is coming to Birmingham to anchor the Sloss Docks redevelopment project. Back Forty Beer Company will operate
Beat the heat. No reservations required. That’s the message the city of Hoover is sending about its newly opened Explore
For the past 20 years, Sidewalk Film Festival has brought new independent movies to downtown Birmingham and MovieMaker magazine named
"The vast majority of outdoor urban space is dedicated to the private vehicle, while only a fraction of that land
One of Columbiana’s earliest buildings is being repurposed into something new – for use as a restaurant, bar and event
  Plans are under way to revitalize a Montgomery historic district that played a critical role in the Civil Rights
The Alabama State Council on the Arts awards Artist Fellowships of $5,000 for artists working in crafts, dance, design, media/photography,
Not merely a spot for students to hang out between classes, student commons are a fundamental part of campus life
Years before her name was synonymous with the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks worked as a seamstress in downtown Montgomery.
The American Society of Landscape Architects recently selected its 2015 award winner. Selected from 459 entries, this year's 34 awards
Many factors come into play when creating a community’s distinct identity, which is not achieved simply with a new logo
Growth management is essential today as communities seek to control the location, impact, character, and timing of development in order
The Interpretive Center at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores is now open, along with a second pedestrian bridge. The
Downtown Birmingham’s skyline is about to get a revitalization of a turn-of-the-20th century, 14-story neo-gothic style building known as the
Planning is vital to making a community more cohesive. Community planning, particularly long- range comprehensive planning, establishes consensus in the
Alabama is among the five states whose natural heritage, culture and economy have been shaped in large part by bordering
Alabama’s craft beer scene is booming and Good People Brewing Company near Railroad Park and Regions Field in Birmingham was
Visitors will soon have an additional place to learn more about an important event in Alabama’s history. The Montgomery Interpretive
President Theodore Roosevelt once said that play is a fundamental need, so much so that playgrounds should be provided for
Preparation for the 2022 World Games held in Birmingham in July included security measures that would displace people experiencing homelessness
While classroom instruction certainly has its place, students also learn by doing. With that in mind, Auburn University’s College of
The Kittrell-Milling Motor Company building that is part of Mobile’s Automobile Alley Historic District has been readapted as the new
If in doubt about the need for safer streets, consider this: Traffic is a far greater threat to people walking
“What is it about Muscle Shoals, just a little village on the Alabama border? Why does that music come out
Opelika has long made revitalization efforts a priority and was the first participating city in DesignAlabama’s new DesignPlace program that
Office Environments, a Herman Miller office furniture dealership, has transformed its showroom and workspace in Birmingham’s historic Jemison Flats into
Whose to say a city crosswalk can’t be both fun and functional? That’s the premise behind the Mulberry Street Crosswalk
In order to survive and offer comfort sustainably, an Alabama house must be designed and built to withstand severe storms
According to the National Education Association, collaborative learning not only helps students develop higher-level thinking skills, but bolsters their confidence
On the website of the National Trust for Historic Preservation is a statement that’s indeed simple but oh so true:
KPS Group’s Principal and Huntsville Studio Director Kristine Harding, who has worked tirelessly to advance architectural licensure, can now add
It’s no easy feat to restore an old building to use in a radically new way, while at the same
When a three-alarm fire and flood destroyed the Literacy Council of Central Alabama’s downtown Birmingham location last May, a plan
Brick-and-mortar shopping shouldn’t just be about the purchase itself, but also the ambiance the store provides. That’s the premise behind
A well-designed website is essential to the success of a small business, particularly those with little or no brick-and-mortar presence
No disputing that parks greatly enhance the livability of a community. Place one in a wooded setting – particularly in
Long celebrated as a historic railroad town, the city of Opelika has a new logo and brand identity that continues