Warehouse Transformed into the 2700 Building

February 27, 2020

Repurposing existing buildings is the ultimate in sustainable architecture and adaptive reuse projects abound in Alabama. Born out of this concept is flex space, a term used to describe light industrial warehouses that “flex” into larger or smaller air-conditioned... Read more

DesignPlace Selma Plan Unveiled

February 27, 2020

Selma is embarking on a plan to honor its past and embrace its future with the help of DesignPlace. This DesignAlabama program partners Alabama communities with a design team whose goal is to help the community enhance its assets.... Read more

Home of AU’s First Architecture Dean is Restored

January 20, 2020

North College Street Historic District in downtown Auburn is a trove of architecturally and historically significant buildings that date from 1848 to 1937. Of note is a Dutch Colonial Revival-style house designed in 1927 by Frederick Child Biggin, the... Read more

Master Plan Created for Birmingham’s Parkside

January 20, 2020

Birmingham planners and developers have long understood that parks improve the quality of inner-city life. As a result, the city has transformed swaths of derelict and underused land into vibrant urban parks and among the latest is the Parkside... Read more

New Florence Middle School Opens

October 23, 2019

This is not your father’s middle school or yours for that matter, to co-opt the 1989 Oldsmobile commercial. The new Florence Middle School has been mistaken for a university, as some find it inconceivable that seventh graders show up... Read more