New Florence Middle School Opens

October 23, 2019

This is not your father’s middle school or yours for that matter, to co-opt the 1989 Oldsmobile commercial. The new Florence Middle School has been mistaken for a university, as some find it inconceivable that seventh graders show up... Read more

Joe Wheeler State Park Renovation

July 14, 2019

Situated on the shores of Wheeler Lake is Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville in north Alabama where visitors enjoy world-class fishing and boating on the state’s second largest lake.  Guests can access the 2,550-acre resort park by land... Read more

Revitilizing Camden

July 14, 2019

Small towns across Alabama are reinventing themselves and it’s happening with zeal in Camden, located in the Black Belt region and seat of Wilcox County. It indeed takes a village to revitalize a town – grants, municipalities and initiatives... Read more