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New Branding for Innovation Depot by Telegraph Creative

Everything and everyone need sprucing up now and then. Even Birmingham’s Innovation Depot, which was recently treated – metaphorically speaking – to a fresh coat of paint. The leading business incubation facility recently partnered with Telegraph Creative to refresh its brand.

And now has a catchy new tagline – “Where Startups Start Up.”

Operating in partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Innovation Depot offers programs that focus on the development of emerging biotechnology/life science, information technology and service businesses.

“We wanted to create more intentionality and cohesion between Innovation Depot’s branding and their incredible programs and services,” explains Seth Griffin, Chief Creative Officer at Telegraph Creative. 

Telegraph Creative assisted with two programs, Vision ID and Voltage, each designed to enhance and invigorate Innovation Depot’s brand. Voltage, which launched Feb. 9, is for entrepreneurs who have an idea for a tech or tech-enabled business. The nine-week program provides support as their idea evolves into a prototype.

Vision ID will be offered beginning this spring. The free, seven-day series of informative and interactive email is designed to explain the terminology and processes involved in launching a startup. 

“The updated look for Vision ID, Voltage and Velocity all work together to convey the consumer value of their programs,” says Griffin. “Vision ID’s purpose is to inspire innovators to solidify their vision. Then they can amplify their idea within Voltage by leveraging the Depot’s collaborative community. In Velocity, they push their idea forward into a scalable prototype. Likewise, there’s a visual progression that weaves through the program marks to show that they function as a growth track.”

Telegraph Creative also created a full internal brand kit to use as a communications playbook, Griffin adds, to help ensure messaging consistency and bring to life how the Depot is an innovation magnet for entrepreneurs.

“Innovation Depot’s community is one of its most attractive assets, so we wanted the branding to inspire entrepreneurs to continue investing in each other’s success and build momentum together,” Griffin continues. “They recently launched a new app for their community, and in the coming months you’ll see this energizing messaging executed by way of signage and a new website as well.

The Depot’s new website was created by Birmingham-based Kinetic Communications. Telegraph Creative worked with Kinetic to align the new website with the new branding, says Griffin, as well as to introduce creative interactions that enhance user experience for the page.

“We focused on ensuring Innovation Depot’s logo effectively communicated their focus on innovation and supporting energized entrepreneurs. That drove the creative direction for the brand. We introduced new collateral materials as well, including business cards, letterheads, outerwear and more. We are excited to continue to partner with The Depot on their main building’s interior, introducing digital tech for new, innovative experiences.”

Brit Blalock, the Depot’s Director of Marketing, says the partnership with Telegraph Creative was a successful one. The collaboration helped Innovation Depot translate its vision into an exciting and engaging visual identity.

“Innovation Depot has been an integral economic development force in Birmingham for decades,” says CEO Drew Honeycutt, “but we felt that it was time to give the brand an update to keep the look fresh and modern to align with the forward-thinking nature of our programs and services.”

This Birmingham map is used in a video to help communicate Innovation Depot’s connection to Birmingham’s Switch District.

The circular ID image is a creative treatment of the Innovation Depot brand mark. One can see in this mark how the I and D work together as one piece to form a D, inspired by a traditional graphic visual of a magnet.

The Thinker represents the entrepreneurs who seek and gain knowledge by being part of the Innovation Depot community.

The Innovation Depot brand refresh includes building enhancement such as this interior space. Also part of the brand refresh are a completely redesigned website and revamped building signage.

Article Written by Jessica Armstrong and Images Courtesy of Telegraph Creative and Innovation Depot


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