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New Video Helps Tell DesignAlabama’s Story

The mission of DesignAlabama is to improve a community’s quality of life, but making that happen is easier said than done. It’s a complex process that requires extensive planning and citizen involvement, while bringing together policymakers, planners and design professionals to guide goals to fruition.

In other words, it’s a busy organization with a lot of irons in the fire. So, it makes sense to use multiple forms of communication to convey its many services. With that in mind, a new video is now available to fully share what DesignAlabama is all about.

Video vs text, which is more effective? While each has its place, video offers an added dimension by providing body language, verbal tone and other visual cues. More engaging and memorable than the use of text or images alone.

In the new DesignAlabama video, we see first-hand the dynamic interaction with those involved in its various programs. We meet them in downtown settings, in workshops and gathered around tables where design professionals bring ideas to life. In addition, we hear from several key players one-on-one who sit before the camera – officials whose communities have benefited and the design professionals who make their services available to those communities. We also get a look at the some of the architectural drawings they produce at these events.

The video was produced by Montgomery-based Copperwing, a creative team offering services in branding, marketing, and motion design. It’s a little over five minutes, which appears to be the sweet spot. Too short and the narrative wouldn’t be fully told. Too long and you risk losing the audience’s attention and weaken their retention.

Over the course of the last few years, DesignAlabama as an organization has evolved tremendously. This evolution has come about as a result of the organization recognizing a number of needs communities had across the state that were not being met regarding equitable and affordable planning and design, explains DesignAlabama Executive Director Gina Clifford.

“The Board of Directors, along with myself, started working with elected officials, community leaders and design professionals about ways in which these needs could be met,” she continues. The result was the creation of new programs such as DesignVision, DesignPlace and DesignDash and additional collaborations with other statewide groups to help meet these needs and create positive change in Alabama.

“While our website tells a lot about each of these programs, our Board of Directors really believed that the best way to tell the story of these programs and the impact they are making is by hearing from those who have benefited from them. Nothing we believed would convey this story more than a video telling firsthand accounts of those individuals and communities we had worked with through these programs.”

See the new DesignAlabama video here

*Article Written by Jessica Armstrong


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