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Copperwing Designs New Website for Town of Priceville

Many factors come into play when creating a community’s distinct identity, which is not achieved simply with a new logo or tagline.

A successful community brand strategy develops over time and brings stakeholders together to chart a common vision. Then devise a way to fulfill that vision.

This is the approach Priceville took with its new website, designed by Montgomery-based Copperwing Design. “Our design approach for the town of Priceville began with a brand-storming session with city leadership,” explains Angela Stiff, Copperwing’s principal and creative director.

“The information gathered was fundamental to creating a site that mirrored Priceville’s pastoral and picturesque landscape, their warm and vibrant community, and the momentum for economic growth. The color palette, images and fonts were all selected to ‘feel’ like Priceville — energetic, welcoming and full of charm.”

Stiff notes that websites are often the first impression of a community because many people use them to learn about an area before they travel there. The aesthetics as well as an organized navigation can set initial expectations of a place, its leadership and quality of life, she adds.

Priceville’s new website includes concise, easily understood text in a simple font. It is also eye-catching with the use of contrasting colors and inviting imagery. For example, “Places to Stay” is in blue and below it “Where to Eat” is in yellow, each with accompanying images. Throughout are links to learn more about the town.

Priceville has partnered with DesignAlabama’s DesignPlace program to look at the community’s future direction, and its new website is part of this effort.

“The website is a harbinger of an evolving community with a vision for the future,” Stiff points out. “The personality set forth online will encourage businesses to take a closer look at Priceville as a potential homesite. The website is hopefully also fostering a sense of pride among current residents.”

Image 1: The new website reflects Priceville’s pastoral and picturesque landscape, its warm and vibrant community, along with its momentum for economic growth.

Image 2: Images, fonts and color palette were all selected to ‘feel’ like Priceville, as well as convey its welcoming and energetic characteristics.

Image 3: Attracting visitors and investors, as well as fostering a sense of pride in its residents, are primary goals of the new city of Priceville website.

*Article Written By Jessica Armstrong and Images Courtesy of Copperwing


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