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Downtown Trussville Revitalization Plan

Work has begun to create an inviting and walkable environment in Trussville’s downtown area that will transform it into a hub for entertainment, community events and shopping.

Partnering on the Downtown Trussville Revitalization Plan are TurnerBatson Architects and Dix.Hite Partners in Birmingham and the Trussville Downtown Redevelopment Authority.

The plan consists of more than 10 projects in the city’s commercial core. Outdoor spaces will accommodate farmer’s markets, art shows, large concerts, food trucks and special events.

“Our goal is to create a family-friendly environment that can become the heart of this city,” notes TurnerBatson Principal/President Dave Reese. “We will provide for safe and secure parking and improve the traffic within the district so that businesses and restaurants will prosper.”

First phase of the redevelopment plan is focused on the entertainment district, which is set to open late 2018 and will be the stimulus for continuing development.

The entertainment district will include a stage, pavilion, shop and restaurants, along with two breweries. A goal is to attract local businesses under local ownership rather than chains and franchises.

“We will also deliberately design more intimate spaces within the urban fabric to allow visitors to tuck away and enjoy outdoor games, ice cream or a beverage with family and friends,” Reese says.

The plan encompasses a neglected area of the downtown that provides a “fantastic location,” he adds, and the project is progressing because of the visionary leadership of the city and key developers.

“Our intent is to design spaces that feel evolved over time, with common design threads but a feeling of eclecticism. We want to re-purpose materials and buildings where appropriate to craft an area that is uniquely Trussville and will be a regional draw for the state of Alabama.”


Image 1- A pavilion is part of the entertainment district, which will serve as the site of family activities and community events. The entertainment district is set to open late 2018.

Image 2- Though the Downtown Trussville Revitalization Plan consists of 10 projects, the first phase will focus on developing an entertainment district. The revitalization will serve to strengthen the downtown economy while creating an appealing location for community events and other activities.

Image 3- Trussville’s new entertainment district will be a focal point of the downtown and provide a catalyst for future development. The outdoor stage offers an ideal setting for a variety of performances and entertainment.


*Article Written By Jessica Armstrong and Images Courtesy of Turner Batson Architects









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