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DesignPlace Video Debuts

Video is a proven way to get a message across, to capture and hold the viewers’ attention. This makes video an ideal complement to DesignPlace, the DesignAlabama program that partners Alabama communities with a design team whose goal is to help the participating community improve its assets and livability.

The DesignPlace video is debuting now and provides an overview of the DesignPlace program. The three-minute video uses Gadsden as a case study and will be presented at upcoming DesignPlace charrettes.

Viewers are given a fast-paced virtual tour of the town. Teams are seen collaborating in sessions. Community leaders and design professionals discuss design challenges and solutions. Plenty of visual content packed into this short but captivating video.

The video promotes and enhances the DesignPlace program by giving future communities who participate a full understanding of the process, explains DesignAlabama Executive Director Gina Clifford.

“This was the first time we used video to document our journey and we could see video being used as a way to further engage the community,” says Angela Stiff, DesignAlabama board member and managing partner and creative director of Copperwing Design. “It certainly helps to educate other civic leaders on the process and exhibits very quickly the value the community receives.”

Marketing is an area that video is used to great success. Stiff notes that video has remained a key opportunity and priority for marketers. “The need for brevity in communicating today makes a ‘see it rather than read it’ strategy one that works,” says Stiff. “Especially in the case of tourism or placemaking. When you need to transport someone to a different environment, video can be very effective.”

Making a video begins with a storyboard of ideas, Stiff explains. A creative director then helps determine the mood of the piece and what type of shots are needed.

“Once content is gathered, the magic of it all really happens in the editing process,” she points out. “How you edit your story truly defines how the audience experiences what you want to share. We fully expect video to continue to grow as a go-to communication medium, especially in our new touch-free culture.”


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